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A little about us

  • Peninsula Wide Food Safety Audits is run by Professional National Food Safety Auditors (NFSA) High Risk Level 4, we are also registered to audit Cook Chill facilities, Basically our function is to audit commercial kitchens that prepare food for the most vulnerable populations in our society, For example Nursing Homes, Meals on Wheels organisations, Supported residential services, Hospitals and of course not to forget the little ones, Child care centres, We also Audit class 2 facilities such as restaurants and hotels ,so as an owner or manager you can be confident and comfortable that your kitchen is adhering to the food act which is law.
  • Qualifications obtained by our auditors are to national standards, such as William Angliss College, Goulburn Valley institute, National Centre for Dairy education.
  • I for example have a Chef and food science and technology background so can emphasise with what is required and what is needed to get your business up to the required standards to meet the compliance with the food act.
  • An audit checks the adequacy of a business’ food safety program, and whether the business is following all parts of its program.
  • Audits must be conducted at declared intervals by a Department of Health-approved food safety auditor who is certified as competent to conduct audits. the declared intervals are usually at 12 month intervals.
  • We welcome your enquiries regarding current or potential upcoming audits, we are pleased to offer a prompt, professional and confidential service to any potential clients, and as such you can contact us through our “Contact Us” link above, we will respond according to your comments, including online quotes if required.

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